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Points That You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing the Right Grinder for Your Weed

For all those people who like to enjoy our well ground herbs like tobacco or marijuana, finding the right grinder is a daunting task. Many a times we are able to get to the right grinder after a series of hit and trials. Look at thereviewgurus for more information on grinders. 

Tips to Find a Good Grinder:

Like the amount of grinding and fineness of the herb is an individual preference, in the same way aesthetics is also individualistic. Some people do go by the looks of the grinder, as they want a good-looking appliance on their table, but others go by the functionality of the grinder.

Some of the things that you must keep in mind while selecting a good herb or weed grinder are:

  • The quality of the material is very important. Most of the grinders are made of aluminium, which is a sturdy metal, but the quality of aluminium also varies a lot. Aluminium coated with a metallic alloy increases the durability of the grinder even further.
  • A fine sifting screen is important for a good grinder. The screen should be so fine that it allows only the smallest particles of the herb to pass through to the collection chamber. This way you would get only the finest and most potent particles of the herb. Along with fineness, it is important that the screen is durable enough to with stand repeated usage.
  • Another aspect that needs to be looked at while deciding the quality of a grinder is the sharpness of the teeth. It is best to go with a grinder that has metal teeth rather than wood or plastic as these dull faster. The teeth should be sharp throughout its length, so that the least amount of effort is needed in getting the finest grinding.
  • Safety of the grinder should never be undermined. Avoid the cheap variety of grinders that will flake metal while the grinding process is going on. A very soft metal will not be able to withstand the vigorous grinding process and disintegrate into bits, which will contaminate the ground herb. This can be very dangerous and overtime can lead to poisoning.
  • It is best to buy through local manufacturers. As compared to large corporate houses, the small local manufacturers take a lot of pride in giving good quality product to their consumers. They are willing to put in an extra effort to get a bunch of satisfied customers. It is also easier to get in touch with them in case of malfunctioning of the grinder.
  • The lid of the grinder is also important to ensure least amount of wastage through spilling. Magnetic lids are very good in this regard. A clear top and side in grinders also gives a clear view of how much grinding is still left to do so you don’t have to open the lid again and again.
  • The price and style is also of much consideration for most people. You can get a lot of style in grinders and as they are a table top appliance, the look is also important for some people. So, you can choose from a metallic look, clear look or even a colourful version.

Best 5 Grinders in the Market:

If we keep the above points in consideration, then the best 5 grinders that you can choose from are Space Case, Cosmic Case, Kannastore, Sharpstone and Cali Crusher. Each of these will give you good quality and finely ground weeds and herbs.

You can visit any of the online stores to check out each of these grinders and also read reviews and feedbacks before deciding. Take your time, choose carefully and the grinder will give you excellent service for a long time.